Brochure: The Sheyenne, A River in Peril


The Sheyenne: A River in Peril Brochure first published:  Winter, 2010.

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Page 2—Map: The Watersheds in the Upper Basin of Devils Lake

Page 3—What the Water Transfer Rule allows

Pages 4-5—Continual Devils Lake Emergencies

Page 5—Devils Lake Solution: The Three-Legged Stool

Page 6—Drainage Causes Water Problems;
What Will Outlets Fail To Do?

Page 7—Water Measurement Terms

Pages 8-9—Negative Effects of Devils Lake Water on the Sheyenne

Page 10—Graph of Devils Lake Elevations

Pages 11-16—Effects of Drainage on Devils Lake

Pages 12-13—Graph of Devils Lake Elevations, Volume

Pages 17-18—The Sheyenne River and Lake Ashtabula

Pages 20-21—The Tolna Coulee